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Services of zinc ctp

Zinc outsourcing services professional CTP

UV-setting Corporation Quoc Thanh - Quick Print Quoc Thanh provide professional service zinc CTP. With a staff of skilled, experienced and professional, Quick Print Quoc Thanh ensure low cost - high quality - fast Time for our customers.

There are many business professionals zinc CTP production with cheap everywhere on quality can not be guaranteed. But Thanh center in China is rapidly leading enterprise in the field of outsourcing zinc CTP, we are confident with our quality process equipment systems and advanced high technology, outsourcing services zinc CTP has become a key tool in service for many years now our. Good quality and cheap price, service Quoc Thanh production of zinc CTP has served for many business establishments and received good feedback. With the ability to always receive recommendations and overcome their limitations in this service, we are committed to serve you better in the nearest future.

xuất kẽm ctp

Quick Print Quoc Thanh equipped with modern facilities in Europe, make sure you will be pleased with the quality, cost, and our fast time.

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+ Sales Department(84.8) 38549643
    Email: inhoadonvat@gmail.com

+ Parts of zinc: (84) 3877.7328
    Email: quocthanhctp@gmail.com
    Skype: quocthanhctp1 - quocthanhctp2
    Yahoo: quocthanhctp

+ Mr. Thanh: 0908 988 308
 + Mr. Thọ: 0908 886 146
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