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Packaging and printing industries will grow strongly in the future

In recent years, in parallel with dynamic economy witnessed a strong development of the packaging printing industry, particularly in service industries branched fashion apparel and cosmetics, medicines like paper bags, paper boxes , labels ... with strong growth.

Retail sales of the sector is on the rebound, contributing to the ancillary industries such as packaging printing, creating very good advantage to boom in the coming years.

Packaging and printing industry of ancillary industries, depend heavily on other industries such as the production of goods, import and export, consumer goods, fashion apparel ... According to analysts, the index printing industry packaging proportional movement under shift of retail sales with a lag of 1-2 months. This shows one thing, the improvement of the consumer price index and the economy will positively influence the development of the packaging printing industry.

According to recent statistics, retail sales in the first two months of 2015 showed a sharp increase. Besides, the growth index is forecasted GDP are positive signs. This creates the basis for sustained retail sales rebound, bring the positive benefits for the ancillary industries, including printing of packaging.

One other point worth noting is the effect of the bilateral trade agreements and multilateral government can be signed this year as TPP, Vietnam FTA - South Korea, Vietnam - EU, Vietnam - Belarus - Kazakhstan - Russia, providing export opportunities will skyrocket. This will be a golden opportunity for the packaging printing industry to grow strongly in the near future.

In addition to the output element supporting the development of the packaging printing industry. Input materials for industry also tends to decrease in the near future. Specifically, the price of packaging materials printing paper (printed paper box, printed paper bags, labels ...) fell by demand from China is slowing, making the supply of paper in the market increased. According to experts, the advantages in favor ngàng printing packaging is likely to be maintained in the coming years.