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Why is the Prime Minister requested the batch printing process?

The Prime Minister has approved a plan to simplify administrative procedures for groups related to the operation of the printing establishments under their management functions of Ministry of Information and Communications. The regulations need to be amended to be rated as "not create growth for the printing industry."

The simplified procedures including import licensing printing equipment; license-printing operations; license to print products for foreign publications; in licensing activities; registration procedure using color photocopiers, printers, color copiers function; transfer procedures color copiers, printers, color copiers function; and a number of other relevant regulations.

The Prime Minister asked all these procedures must be additional ways to apply through the internet system, to enhance public services online at level 3, 4. At the same time as filing procedures, business is entitled to submit a copy enclosed with the original for comparison, not necessarily the certified copies.

The decision also indicated plans to cut, simplify component batch records, forms and declaration forms.

These options will be executed when a series of problems solved very large enterprises in the printing industry is facing the implementation of the Law on Publication, 2012, Decree No. 60 in 2014 provides for the printing and Circular guiding the MIC. Each clause is causing problems in the Publishing Law, Decree 60 and Circular also be specified.

For example, the licensing procedures for import of printing equipment, the Prime Minister requested repeal asked to submit catalogs for each type of printing equipment. The reason is not the device can also print catalogs prior to import, the production of new equipment and put on the market, there are no catalogs or special equipment catalog accompanying the device, only when the new import have catalogs. Furthermore the parameters in the catalog have been fully reflected in the license application.

Along with some content "machine serial number" in the sample application for the import permit printing equipment, because the serial number is usually printed parameters / stamping device. For new equipment, materials imported barrels, entering new equipment to provide the serial number for the authorities, only the old machine to the new serial numbers available before the entry declaration.

Also related to this procedure, the Prime Minister requested remove licensing procedures for the import of equipment for computer printing paper trimming knives (except knives machine 3 sides).

"The management of all imported equipment does not create growth in the printing industry. Need to closely manage print devices and especially digital printing equipment industry. However, for the post-press equipment, such as a knife cutting paper machine is not necessary to implement import licensing procedures, because these are the only devices perform auxiliary role in the printing process, not harm, affecting the field of culture, ideology, can replace them with forms of notification and management of post-inspection mechanism ", the Decision of the Prime Minister pointed out.

Abolish not under the control procedures of management bodies

For licensing procedures in outsourcing for foreign publications, Publication Law 2012 requires records to be authenticated copy of the contract for printing of publications. This is difficult to do business, because many businesses made through email, online bidding will not know there should be signing the contract or not to make the authorization procedure. In contrast, no basis in licensing procedures do not know whether this activity is carried out or not to sign the contract with the customer. Therefore, the Prime Minister asked if the facility is in no contract may be replaced by invitation to tender or relevant papers.

With licensing procedures for printing, the Prime Minister also asked to repeal or amend the content inadequacies series. For example, abolishing the requirement of "documents showing eligibility to meet environmental protection ', because now the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment has not yet fully enacted specific guidance papers on this.

At the same time, when applying for a license to operate in, the head of the printing establishment nor paid immediately "copies college diploma specialized in upward or certificate of professional training in management activities." Instead, just commitment and meet the conditions within 6 months from the date of their issuance.

Registration procedures use, transfer color copier, printer and color copier functions simpler. In particular, the Prime Minister requested alternative transfer procedures of this machine by the transferor to notify the Department of Information and Communications is finished. "This procedure is not necessary, because the transfer of assets is the right of every business ... State management agency managed only for the operation of the machine not authorized to approve or not approve the transfer device "the decision of the Prime Minister stated.

The Prime Minister also asked the Ministry of Public Security to consider The provisions on "journals, publications printing management" under the provisions of Circular 33, 2010 of this Ministry. The reason is that the Ministry of Public Security has no authority in line management, but security management - in order of operations. Decree No. 72, 2009 of the Government nor the Ministry of Public Security Affairs regulates the establishment and management of this type of book.

Prime Minister assigned the Ministry of Information and Communications and the relevant agencies to actively and promptly amend, supplement and revoke documents within their competence or propose amendments and supplements to the laws, decrees, decisions of the Prime Minister provisions of the aforementioned procedures.