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Tel: (84.8) 38779688 - Fax: (84.8) 38779668
Email: inhoadonvat@gmail.com - dp@quocthanh.com

Quoc Thanh Printing Co., Ltd thanks to our customers, your partners, who teamed with the National Thanh in the past year. It is through such cooperation, China has gradually developed bar on offset printing technology. Today, under the industry's progress in Offset and customer demand, rapid Center in digital capture equipment and investment in modern technology post, in nhanh chuyen nghiep.

It is the greatest achievement likely a combination of offset and digital printing. Today, digital and offset printing have become associates of each other in support of customer needs.

Digital printing method is increasingly accepted in specific technologies such as in digital printing technology for outstanding ability in small numbers, and content changes rapidly, while the offset is for large orders, and in a long time on the different materials. It's a challenge in the field of printed brochures, how to meet the printing requirements of Quoc Thanh Printing Co., Ltd has invested in some of the techniques of modern and advanced equipment most of Europe, have features in color, in black and white, high quality, in nhanh re dep.

The equipment is located at 336/20 Nguyen Van Luong, Ward 12, Dist 6, HCM City. The strength of digital technology in the products: Brouche, leaflets, book covers, albums, postcards, business cards, wedding cards with pictures, textbooks, greeting cards, ... in quick time, economic interests, satisfy the needs of customers in the market economy today.

Dear customers!
Quoc Thanh enterprises have continued to develop sustainable or not, has become the leading provider of diversified products in it or not, it depends on who you are and are generally in step with rapid Quoc Thanh Printing Co., Ltd path to reach new heights.

Quoc Thanh Printing Co., Ltd warmest regards and look forward to serving you.

All contact of printing please phone:

Marketing: (84.8) 38779688
Mr. Thanh: 0908 988 308